Installation help

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After Effects Plugins

Download the zip file containing the plugins for PCs here, or for Macs the StuffIt file here, extract the files, and put them somewhere in the plug-ins folder of your After Effects installation.

After Effects FreeFrame

Download the host plugin, only available for the PC currently, FreeFrameHost.aex, and put it somewhere in the plug-ins folder of your After Effects installation. Download the zip file containing the FreeFrame plugins you want to install, for example PetesPlugins, or one from the FreeFrame home page, and place the .dll's somewhere inside your plug-ins folder.

When you start up After Effects, you should find a new entry in the Effects menu, Pete's Plugins, with FreeFrame Host inside. Apply this effect to a layer, and you should get an effect control box with a pop-up menu as its first item. If this pop-up menu says 'No FF dll's found', then there's been a problem locating the dll's, double-check that they're in the plug-ins folder, if they are, try moving them to a sub-folder of it.

If it still can't find any .dlls, have you got more than one version of AE installed? Try placing the .dlls in the plug-in folders of the different installations. If you feel comfortable using the program regedit, look for the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\After Effects\*.*\InstallPath, the host uses the first key that matches this to figure out where to look for the .dll's. Is there more than one registry entry that might match that?

You can only reliably use a single instance of an effect in a project. I'm afraid this is is a limitation of the FreeFrame standard, but it will be changed in a future release. I've had reports of crashes on MetaImage and Levels, which I'm working on fixing. Please mail me with any other bugs you discover.


Download the zip file containing the plugins, and place these inside the bank folder where you want to use them, eg "C:\TZT\Effector\Bank3\F1". Open the KeyMap.ini file in the same folder, and edit it to assign the effects to the keys you want, eg "1=PeteHalfTone.dll".

TZT only supports two parameters directly, so Shift+Ctrl+Number chooses which of my parameters you want to change, and Ctrl+Number sets the value of the chosen parameter.


There are two ways to use my plugins in VisualJockey, you can download the native versions, or run them through my FreeFrame host. I recommend running the native versions when possible, since they run faster and have more features. The FreeFrame host gives you access to a wider range of other people's plugins.

(c) Pete Warden, 2003