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Search Browser checks Google search results to make sure they exist, and have the terms you're looking for.

To use, just type in your query as normal, hit send and wait for the results to load. Once the results page appears, the Search Browser will then check them out for you, and let you know what it finds!

Right click on a link to open it in a new window, or use "I feel lucky" to open all of them.



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  • You need a recent version of the Java Runtime on your machine.

If an error appears mentioning Java, you'll need to download a Java Installer for your OS and browser. PCs generally don't have Java installed by default, Macs come with it built-in.

  • Make sure that you grant the applet the security permissions it needs to fetch web pages.

This is done differently in different browsers, but you should normally see a dialog appear asking if you want to give permission for it to run. If you don't see a dialog, go into your browsers security settings, and make sure that they allow signed applets to run.

  • There may be an internet connection problem.

It may be that your internet connection runs through a proxy server, or some other configuration I haven't tested, that it won't be able to fetch web pages. In that case, you should see an error message directing you to this page. Please use the form below to report the details of the problem.




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